Posted on July 8, 2010 by Hanan Wilson.
Please Register for a new account, become a Friend with another Task Force Member, and begin trying out all of the cool interaction features like Live Chat (see toolbar at footer of page when logged in), Private Messaging, Forum Posting, Blogging, and MORE!! Just like the sample Banner Ads you see througout the site, you can target these announcments to Members by their Membership Level, Location, Gender, and Age. In short, there are several ways to Monetize the site and to promote your special Sponsors (we can even co-brand the entire site!). I hope you enjoy the demo and are able to see the possiblilites of the site once it has more Members and proper Moderation. Think of this site like a full-grown plant...we need only give it nutrition (Members) and light (Marketing), and it will grow...grow...grow!!! Best, Hanan Wilson Owner,
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