About Us

Welcome to RiverRegionLean.com, a social network designed to help you live a healthier lifestyle!

Nutrition information, special bulletins, upcoming events, fitness testimonials, encouragement from friends and opportunities to encourage friends are just some the features of RiverRegionLean.com.

It’s no secret that waistlines in our society are expanding. Across the country, the percentage of us who are obese or overweight is growing. The health problems linked to too many pounds are also climbing. Juvenile obesity is on the rise as well.

RiverRegionLean.com is a tool to help people add years to the life and add life to their years. It’s important to check with a physician before undergoing any major exercise program.

The Community Tools section will allow you to share your progress with others and glimpse at how other people are benefiting from better nutrition and a more active lifestyle.

Congratulations on taking an important step towards better health.

Good luck!

-RiverRegionLean.com staff

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